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We are excited to launch our newly designed SportsRig TrailStomper!  We have made some big changes allowing you to take your trailer  further off the beaten path.  With our coil over independent FOX suspension and our drag over anything rock sliding trailing arms, we have added some real rubber to get you out there.  We are now building our trailers with a set of   rugged 27" all terrain tires.  Our combination of a super lightweight trailer, coil over FOX suspension and rugged all terrain tires will set you apart from other heavy bulky trailers on the market.  Each TrailStomper is built to order in Morro Bay California.  We are a family owned and operated business that focuses on great customer service and high quality products.  

Okay, lets get to the SPECIAL OFFER!  We would like to offer all new customers $500 off your TrailStomper order for Spring/Summer 2022 delivery.  All orders need  to be placed with us before 12/31/2021 to receive this special offer.  To reserve your spot in our first quarter production que of 2022, get your order in now. 

If you are interested in this Special Offer please click on the button below. This will send you to our email page. Please send an email letting us know you are ready to get in line, or have any questions about our trailers.  Please leave a return phone number if you'd like to receive  a call back to discuss build options.

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