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We take great pride in the fact that our trailers are made and assembled by a family-owned and operated business, right here in the US of A! We also use local resources to help produce our trailer.​


The SportsRig MicroTrailer offers better resistance and solutions to corrosion. Since aluminum does not "rust" like steel does, it has led to the misunderstanding that aluminum does not corrode at all, which is far from the truth. "Rust" is just a specific term for corrosion of steel, whereas there is not a specific term for corrosion of aluminum other than just "corrosion". But make no mistake: Aluminum does corrode, and there are fewer affordable choices for providing corrosion protection coatings for aluminum than are available for steel.​


Although our trailers may not be as green as we would like them to be, they are much greener to build than aluminum trailers. The production of steel creates a much lower carbon footprint to produce per pound as compared to aluminum for many reasons.


 With our large diameter wheels and independent suspension, the SportsRig does not fall into the pitfalls that other trailers do with leaf-spring suspension and smaller wheels. You can rest assured that your gear will be traveling smoothly and safely behind you at all times, at highway speeds and even off-road.


The SportsRig is made of steel instead of aluminum. Even though

our trailer is steel, it weighs about the same as it would if it were made of aluminum. This is because, even though aluminum is about 2/3rds the weight of steel, it is also about 2/3rds the strength. So, the steel members used on our trailers are thinner than they would have to be if we made them out aluminum, so the overall weight difference is negligible.


Whereas all things made of aluminum have a finite life, things made of steel can be designed for infinite life. Due to the metallurgical properties of aluminum, stressed members made of aluminum will eventually fail. By contrast, stressed steel members can be designed for an infinite life and literally last forever.

I purchased the micro-trailer for my two hybrid kayaks. Assembly was fairly easy. The only problem that I had was that one of my electrical connectors was smashed in shipment. Tech support promptly sent me a new one and “talked “me through it with on-line pictures. Everything works and I'm ready to roll. I live in a town home so the break down of the tongue is great and fits easily in my garage along the wall. Extremely high quality product. I wish I would have purchased it sooner.

  - LEE

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