Frequently asked questions

How much does the SportsRig weigh and what are the dimensions?

The basic SportsRig MicroTrailer weighs in at 165 pounds. It's 58" wide with the standard crossbars, 22" tall to the deck, 38" center to center of load bars. Overall Length - Standard Tongue (9' 2") , Tongue Extension A (12' 8"), Tongue Extension B (14' 2"), Tongue Extension C (15' 8") . Folded up dimensions - 68" tall X 58" wide X 24" deep.

What make the Indepentent Suspension so special?

Our classic independent trailing link design is derived from motorcycle racing and delivers far superior handling and superior overall suspension performance over conventional trailers: Our spring rates are matched to your cargo weight — we stay on the ground when we're empty! More wheel travel than leaf spring or torsional axle designs means more absorption of bumps.Large 16" diameter wheels and 22" tires rotate slower than smaller conventional trailer wheels. Small wheels can be going 80mph when you're going 40 mph and are tougher on tires and bearings.Large diameter wheels roll over bumps with less impact than smaller wheels.Lower unsprung wheel weight: our high performance wheels are lighter than other trailer wheels and therefore get pushed back to the ground faster keeping you in contact and control.

Can the SportsRig handle highway speeds?

Yes - the tires, wheels, shocks, and bearings are all motorcycle components and are proven to be extremely reliable after thousands of miles of brutal testing. Our suspension provides stability that exceeds any other trailer design. Our customers rave about its high-speed performance.

Does the SportsRig come with lights?

Yes. The SportsRig comes with a DOT (Department of Transportation) approved lighting system. That includes 4 side marker lights with reflectors and 2 working taillights.

Does the SportsRig bounce around on bumpy roads?

The SportsRig does not bounce around on bumpy roads, the result of years of developing its sophisticated and supple suspension system. The SportsRig Suspension System is designed specifically for transporting payloads of up to 450 pounds or under and to isolate your expensive equipment from road shock. Standard leaf spring and torsional axle designs, found on almost all conventional trailers, typically go airborne with loads under a few hundred pounds due to their limitations.

Can I carry long kayaks or canoes with the SportRig

Yes, we offer three Tongue Extensions to accommodate pretty much any length of kayak and canoe. The standard tongue is mainly used for bikes/gear and shorter kayaks up to 7'6". Here's what the Tongue Extensions can accommodate:

Tongue Extension A: Max boat length if 2+ mounted side-by-side: 15'8"/Max length if 1 mounted in middle: 17'8"

Tongue Extension B: Max boat length if 2+ mounted side-by-side: 18'8"/Max length if 1 mounted in middle: 21'8"

Tongue Extension C: Max boat length if 2+ mounted side-by-side: 22'8"/Max length if 1 mounted in middle: 23'8"

Does the SportsRig need to be registered?

Most states require it to be registered, but it registers just like a regular trailer. We provide you with a Mfg. Certificate of Origin and a VIN Number. Take those to your Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and you will be issued a license plate.

What size ball and hitch do I need and how do I make the trailer level?

A 1 7/8 inch ball. The MicroTrailer only requires a Class I hitch, the smallest of types I, II, and III. The Class I hitch has a very small (1.25" square) receiver tube and is hardly noticeable under a luxury or sports car's rear bumper. Choose a ball mount with the proper offset to level the MicroTrailer. The bottom of the coupler is 18" off the ground with the MicroTrailer level

How do you lock your gear to the trailer to prevent theft?

The most effective way to lock your kayaks and bikes is to use a long cable lock and run it through your gear. You can also run it through the wheels on the SportsRig. Another way to secure your trailer is put a pad lock through the coupler. This secures your SportsRig to your vehicle. You can also put a pad lock through the coupler when your trailer is detached from your vehicle preventing anyone from being able to attach it to their vehicle.

Why is the SportsRig MicroTrailer an earth friendly choice?

The SportsRig MicroTrailer is a good environmental choice as we face our energy future – leave the cargo capacity at home when unneeded, spend less at the pumps, and reduce emissions. Of course, everyone needs outdoor activities and a connection to our outside world, so capacity can be added when needed, but left at home when it's not. It's another form of "plug and play."

What is the trailer made out of?

Primarily A36 carbon structural steel tubing with a 3-mil powder coating. Many steel parts are laser cut for precision. Many suspension components are motorcycle and automotive grade. Many critical parts are made to our specifications as defined by our quality management system. We are incorporating more aluminum accessories to help reduce the over trailer weight so you can haul more gear.

How much weight can the SportsRig carry?

The SportsRig is designed to carry up to a total of 450 pounds of gear. Kayaks, bikes and cargo should be evenly loaded with 10% of the weight in front of the suspension. The T-Rack (upper level) can carry up to 150 pounds, gear should be loaded towards the center, keeping the weight balanced from side to side.